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Step 1
Get the App
Sugary App
Download the app or start a chat
Connect with us via Downloading Sugary app or contact us via Instagram, Facebook, Google Business and Direct Call. App itself & Our team will guide you and help you out in starting your gifting procedure.
Step 2
Type of Gifting
Start with what you want
Choose from several types of gifting for personal & business purposes to help you get the desired gifting you need.









Step 3
Fill out steps
& choose your items
Finalize your items & materials
Every gifting type has a different procedure to go with. you need to finalize your gifting by choosing Items & Materials such as OuterCraft, InnerCraft, Curations, Cards, Addons & Delivery preferences. Once you are done you can submit your order to confirm by payment.







Learn About Materials
Step 4
Confirm order
by payment
Submit your order & make payment
Our curating experts will review your order to ensure its aesthetic visibility and personalizations are good to go with availability. You need to confirm your order by making half the amount advance as a confirmation of your gifting. Once you are done we'll start preparing your gifting.
Step 5
keep patience,
while we prepare
Your gifting is being prepared
Firstly, Your order will be processed through Curation Team while perfecting your gifting and checking availability, then sequentially it will process thorugh every steps nessesary. Once your gifting is prepared our team will notify you with several pictures of your gifting that have been prepared.
1. Review & Curation
Your order will go through our curation team to verify everything seems nice.
2. Collection Process
Collection team will put together all the items & materials needed for gifting.
3. Design Process
Team of creative designers will customize your prints and illustration that needed for gifting.
4. Quality Assurance:
We confirm and check the quality of items behalf of you and We double check everything.
5. Crafting Process
Our Crafting Experts will start handcrafted process to make your gifting a good experience.
6. Delivery
After sending all the pictures to you of your gifting. We'll set your gifting to be dispatched and it will be delivered.
Step 6
get delivered
& after service
Get delivered to your desired address
Your gifting will be on the way to your desired address. there are several types of delivery system to match your needs. Once it is delivered enjoy and experience the joy from your loved one. You can contact us for any issue regarding your gifting. Our Relations Team will ensure everything went well.
Types of

personal gifting

every human is diiferent in their own way, each of us having individual taste & choices in life, to cheer up your loved one; get personalized gifts with the help of our expert curations and assistance.


send gift instantly

Send gifts with just an email or phone number. no need to hasitate about perfection. With one click you can choose gift for the person and send it. BAM ! You'll be charged when the person accepts the gift. Receiver can also exchange within same price.

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pick & choose gifts

Curate your own special gifting with Step by Step choosing process from expert curated showcase of gifts. You can customise your own gifting with Sugary Outer Crafts, Inner Craft, Products/Gifts, Cards, Addons.
Your choices are at your hand.

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consult with Curating expert

Are you confused about the person you're gifting? Schedule your time to discuss with our creative team of curation experts about the person's personality & psychology and let us take care of everything behalf of you.

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Order from our curations

Order directly from our curated gallery of gifting; crafted by experts for every purpose; for your loved ones while keeping you and your taste in mind. Start exploring your inner kindness through giving.

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Types of


We understand the value of relationships in your work family; To enhance the experience we have a special team of concierge, who'll help you with your business needs.


ready to ship

Order directly from our curated gallery of business gifting; crafted by concierge team for your work family while keeping your brand in mind. putting your brand front and centre for your team and clients. Fastest and easy way to get approvals from your team.

Releasing Soon


pick & choose gifts

Curate your own special gifting with Step by Step choosing process from expert curated showcase of gifts. You can customise your own gifting with Sugary Outer Crafts, Inner Craft, Products/Gifts, Cards, Addons.
Your choices are at your hand.

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consult with expert

Confused about what's the best fit for your purpose? Schedule your time to discuss with our concierge to find out what fits and let us take care of everything behalf of your brand.
A dedicated expert will be responsible for your business gifting.



collaborate with Us

Are you an Artist? a Brand or Influencer ?
Send us your detail proposal with list of items, design and your branding for collaboration with your creations and inspire the world through kindness. Release your own gifting ideas with your creations & products for your customers and fans.

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gifts for marriages

Choosing perfect wedding gifts seems to be a herculean task for you & your family. The nerving pressure to choose the wedding gifts is completely understood by concierge; as you do not want to take any chances and wish to give the best gift along with your warm regards for your wedding.



subscription gifting

We all have limited persons in life, who matter the most. Introducing our subcription based gifting for your loved ones while keeping their happiness in mind. Subscription based gifting has several patterns of delivery time, custom budget and way of surprising your closed one.


Elements to Customize

items & materials

We have developed several types of gifting materials, designs and color themes with our talented team of curators, to customize your gifting; here's some basic knowledge about each category


Products & Brands

Curations are the main items of your gifting such as Perfume, Smart Watch, Mini Powerbank etc. Our curation experts continously look out for products and brands. We have curated thousands of products specially selected based on deep research and user experience reviews.


Inside Designs

Choose from our curated gallery of inside gifting designs; crafted by Team Sugary for your personal and business gifting needs.

Inner Craft impacts on the way of experiencing and surpise feeling of a gifting.


Outer Designs

Get the desired look of your giftng from our curated gallery of outer designs and materials;

crafted by Team Sugary for putting aesthetic look and beautiful ambiance around.


Greetings & Texts

We understand the value of every purpose behind giving and gifting. Sugary Design team has designed thousands of cards;

ready to be customized and choseen. so many designs to choose and customize your personal text for your loved ones.


Improve Experience

Yes toppings! you can decorate your gifting with various addons and extras to make it more elegant to experience.

from adding personalized fragrence to individual cards and polaroids. many more curated addons are waiting to be customized.


surprise with delivery

We understand your gifts have to be delivered at the right time and right place. several delivery types are made to provide you the best service as much as possible.

We do add extra layers and materials to protect each gifting from dust & water during delivery.

asked questions //

Order Process
Data Security
Help & Support
What is Sugary?
Sugary is a gift crafting and curating studio. Sugary assists people to choose gifts, buy the gifts for them, crafting with experienced curation with so many options of unique customizing, and delivering it to your desired location.
How can I customize the gift box?
You can simply choose products for your gift box and customize the outlook to personalize it for the receiver. You can consult with our curating expert for better suggestions.
Can I buy products only
We do not promote any products but suggest products on specific requirements and only collect them after finalization from customers. So we do not have any products in stock to offer you. We customize products and collect them on demand for the whole gift box craft.
Can I provide all products and get wrap only?
We do not allow outside products as most of the products are authenticity verified by the Team Sugary and besides that, we do not have only a wrapping service introduced yet But hey, we understand the value of your gifting. In special cases, you can add any personal items which you have purchased previously.