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our connection to each other is Precious!

Every human is diiferent in their own way, each of us having individual taste & choices in life, to cheer up your loved one; get personalized gifts with the help of our expert curations and assistance.

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for your
loved ones

For Him or Her, For Dad or Mom, For Newborn, Birthday, Anniversary, Thank you Gift, Farewell, Housewarming, Congratulations.

You can have beautiful custom-designed personalised giftboxes; perfect for any occasion, any reason, any recipient to express love & feel loved.

Special Gifts


Every Detail

Luxury gifts curated to perfection & detail. our talented team focuses on details of emotional intelligence based on receiver`s phycology

We spend a lot of time curating all of the boxes with the best crafting to ensure you are getting only the best! It`s the best part of the job & it does mean we sleep very well.

Unique Gifts

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Let us take over gift giving from your wedding checklist so you can enjoy the special moments leading up to your big day! From Dalas,  Bridesmaid, welcome gifts to thank you gifts for your wedding retinue, we will create meaningful gifts that are carefully curated to represent you and your special day.

Beautiful Gifts



Our Corporate Gifting Program creates a stronger expression than just a simple handshake or thank you between business relations. 

We develop fully branded and customised gifts, perfect for clients, employees or colleagues during particular seasons, events and occasions.

4 ways to personal gifting

Send Gift Instantly

Send gifts with just an email or phone number. no need to hasitate about perfection. With one click you can choose gift for the person and send it. BAM ! You'll be charged when the person accepts the gift. Receiver can also exchange within same price.

pick & choose gifts

Personalize your gifting with pick & choose method with our app.
you'll find so many curated list of products and customizations to create your own gifting with your own choices.

consult with expert

Are you confused about the person you're gifting? Schedule your time to discuss with our creative team of curation experts about the person's personality & psychology and let us take care of everything behalf of you.

ready-made gifts

Order directly from our curated gallery of gifting; crafted by experts for every purpose; for your loved ones while keeping you and your taste in mind. Start exploring your inner kindness through giving.

Our core values on gifting

deep dive and research
Every human is unique with individual personae. our personalized service focuses on each person's unique personality & psychology.

Based on the taste and interests our experienced team tries to figure out what best fit for the person you're gifting.
research and sourcing
We understand each of us has preferences for using different brands & products, It is also important to make sure; the gift you're sending or receiving is worth your time & money.

Our Curating Experts continuously explore thousands of Products & Brands to verify reviews of each item we list for gifting. We do research & analysis on market nationally & internationally to get the best product experience depending on individual personae.
& Crafting
Design of Gifting
We are extremely luck to have such an amazing team here at studio! House Sugary has talented team of curators, creative crafting experts & designers and such a great management system that helps the experience stand out every occasions.

All the materials we release every season for gifting; is developed and design by House Sugary. Every details matter to us which impacts the experience.
& Surprises
experience & after-sales
Life is unpredictable and cannot go as planned! We understand your gifts have to be delivered at the right time and right place. Our delivery systems are made to provide you with the best service as much as possible.

We are always ready to balance the unplanned situations that take place while delivering your special gifting. We do add extra layers and materials to protect each gifting from dust & water during delivery.
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Everything We Do About gifting
Sugary is a special gift bakery that curates love for your special ones and hopes to put some love back into the art of gift-giving. Gifts for all of life's occasions focusing on the art of gift-giving. All our gifts are custom curated according to your budget and the receiver's personality.
It's like you're hiring an Architect to design and build your house. Personalize Gifts can impact our relationships & our behavior & the way of expressing feelings.
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= art
+ dtl
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luxurious outlook, opening impression,
sensing every touch of matte smoothness,
soothing fragrance of surprise and
all details are important for a
surprising gift experience.

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