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Our vision is to create a platform which will increase human kindness and compassion through habitual behavior. We want to help the world; water every relationship through the right gift for the right person with technology & creativity.
We promise to inspire human sensuality, share intimate knowledge and encourage pleasure repeatedly. Our mission is to properly assist our customers regarding gifting and giving. Keeping their time important and budget in mind while personalization. Also, Our goal is to provide the best quality products from this vast ocean of brands.
studio life.
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idea was born
Gift giving is a beautiful human practice to express our love and respect for a person. Sugary was developed over years to provide the best quality service as a business and experience for both people who are gifting and receiving. We have worked on so many details of emotional intelligence and various product experiences.
I truly believe, Sugary will impact our daily human life
relationships through gift-giving based on our individuality.
Sugary CEO
Founder & CEO
proud to have
la crème de
la crème
the best of the best of the best
putting the pieces together is in our DNA
Sugary Team
Sugary Squad
ismail a.
Crafting Specialist
No matter your discipline, we are looking for people with something to say. People who strive to crat and want 10 or a dynamic, courageous.
Sugary Team
Sugary Squad
ashfaque u.
Senior relations
very calm being with most wildest aims. mostly on work or out of city exploring around diversity. human interaction engineer; working on art, needs, psychology & himself. living the life to the fullest with insanely busy schedule.
Sugary Team
Sugary Squad
rafid h.
lead developer
passionate self-taught young programmer desperately seeking to learn new technologies . loves to take challenges, walks against tradition, aims to change the world and dreams a lot that doesn't let him fall apart.
Sugary Team
Sugary Squad
tanvir h.
founder & ceo
a self-taught curious artist trying to make some art in the business industry with enthusiasm. he has a distinct sense of seeing everything differently; a bad person with good intentions & ethics.
Sugary Team
Sugary Squad
a. sayem
Process Manager
The quietest person in the room with high hopes. punctual, loving & responsible from the core. No big talk only work till drop.
We use our creativity, experience & technology to drive results
Our unconventional process generates unconventional outcomes
Everything is interconnected. We always look out & keep our sights on identifying problems and displeasure regarding any gifting and experience. We use RCA approach for identifying the underlying causes.
Problem Solving
Problems are made up of problems within problems. After Indentifying, we use Lean Prioritization method to solve problems of our customers. We Prevent any negative impact to the goals by choosing the best solution.
Following Up
After some weeks or months of implementing solutions, we check if any new problems arise as a result of that solution & possibility that the solved problem will return. We carefully evaluate our teams results.
thanks to all the people, without them It wouldn't be possible
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